Disney’s Story of Menstruation (’46)

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Why is nature always called Mother Nature?
Perhaps it’s because like any mother she quietly manages so much of our living without our ever realizing there’s a woman at work.
Why, right from the beginning we breathe and sleep and wake up with no more conscious planning than we used when sprouting teeth.
Mother Nature controls many of our routine bodily processes through automatic control centers called glands.
The Story of Menstruation really begins with one particular gland – it’s located here, at the base of the brain, and it’s called the “pituitary gland”.
In our childhood years, this pituitary gland concentrates on producing growth hormones. Busy little messengers, which circulate through the blood stream.
They order the various bones and tissues to get growing.
And as the girl grows up from blocks to dolls to books that means her body is obeying the orders issued by the pituitary gland.
Of course these orders vary among different girls – some girls grow short, some tall, some heavy and some slight.
But there comes a time somewhere between the ages of 11 and 17, though about 13 is average, one of the pituitary must turn part of it’s attention to maturing the body which it has grown – so it starts sending out a new type of hormone.
A maturing hormone. And that is, when menstruation begins – when these maturing hormones start coming down through the blood stream to the ovaries.
The ovaries themeselves are glands about the size of almonds. And locked within each ovary thousands of eggs.
Although these eggs are too small to be seen by human eye, anyone of them has the possibility of someday becoming a human being.
Near the ovaries, are the fallopian tubes – short canals which lead to the uterus or womb. This hollow, pear-shaped organ, opens into the vagina, which is part of the birth canal, and in the external opening of this whole group of organs.
So, as you see, there’s a continuous passage from each ovary, through the fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina to the outside of the body.
These organs function in a continuous cycle.
The pituitary gland starts the process when it sends its maturing hormones down through the blood stream to the ovaries. Now, one of the ovaries passes on an order of its own to the uterus.

Erst mal bis hier hin. Wenn mir jemand helfen möchte den Text fortzuführen (es geht mir um Gehörlose, da das Video ohne Untertitel ist), kann er die Passagen gerne in die Kommentare schreiben, ich übernehme sie dann. Das Video ist nämlich doch ziemlich lang in der Hinsicht.

xxx, YM

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